Weddings at Stanton



We love to have our beautiful building used for weddings (and baptisms). It seems comfortably full with 30 -80 people but over 100 will fit in at 4 to a pew (even more if the choir stalls are used).

We will be pleased to give all the help we can in arranging a church wedding.

To be married in St. Leonard

The  legal criteria are that you must either:-

1) Live in the parish of Stanton Fitzwarren (if you live in South Marston orlower Stratton- talk to Vicky to see if you qualify on residential criteria)

2) Have a 'Qualifying conection', eg. you have family here, you have connections with the church here. (Please call early discuss these) or qualify by attending worship regularly ( at least once a month) for six months. Please allow time for forms and banns

3) Be on the electoral roll at St Leonard,

We really do like to help and to make people feel welcome

It can be difficult to meet your wishes especially with a vacancy in the team of ministers so do make contact as early as possible.


Weddings are now being booked for 2014 and 2015


Rev, Vicky Fleming (01793 827021) best time 6-7pm every evening except Friday and Sunday

Administrator Pat England (01793 82650)

To get a look inside,discuss access ,capacity and other practical issues:-

                          e mail:

You might find the website- -has some helpful information.